General Reference

Aliyah Job Center 
Career Development eManualLots of info about the whole job search process
Computer Jobs in Israel (CJI)Salary surveys and other information.
Ehow - How to find a job in Israel in English 
GvahimAssisting olim in realizing their professional aspirations.
JobMobGood reference and entertaining. Has fair amount of specific to Israel information.
JobMob - 93 Most Linked To Articles of Top Job Search and Career BlogsLots of links to lots of articles
Nefesh B'Nefesh Employment IndexPromoting North American Aliyah.
The Job Search in Israel blog by Ron Machol of Israemploy.

Resume Writing

MilahWill help you translate your resume into Hebrew for free.
Microsoft Resume Templates 
Give your resume a faceliftGood resume formatting advice clearly showing you process.
Ten Tips for slight less awful resumeentertaining (though long) read.
Beautiful Resume Ideas that workResumes 2.0 for the brave.

Networking - Successful Job Search Networking 
The Riley Guide: Networking & Your Job Search 
The Art of Career and Job-Search Networking 
Job Search Networking for Introverts(pdf)

Using Social Networks (Mostly LinkedIn but also Twitter)

LinkedIngreat for networking, getting recommendations, etc. Here's my profile:
Guy Kawasaki - Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job 
JobMob - 7 LinkedIn Groups for jobs in Israel 
JobMob - Gigantic Tips Guide for Finding Jobs With LinkedIn 
JobMob - 50+ Twitter Feeds to Find Jobs in IsraelI'm trying it out - see to see who I'm following.
JobMob - Top 40 Most Popular Facebook Groups and Pages for Jobs in Israel 
Facebook group for hi-tech jobs advertised internally at companies before being publicly advertised. 

Job Ad Sites

Aliyah Job Center Linkslist of job lists
CJI Resourceslist of job lists
Index Avoda   (QA Specific)list of job and global search of other sites.
Parnasalist of job lists
AACI Jobnet   (QA Specific)excellent resource in English. You can send resumes directly to companies.
All Jobs   (QA Specific)Good site with many listings but have to send resume via them rather than directly via email.
BS Job Bloglisted by Beit Shemeshites but jobs can be anywhere. Fairly sparce still.
Bubble Tech 
CJIYou can also join the mailing list to get this bi-weekly via email.
Drushim   (QA Specific)Looks good.
Hi Tech Jobdoesn't work for me with firefox but IE is ok.
HotJob   (QA Specific)looks good. Contact directly.
IsraEmployGood resource in English but requires paid membership.
Job Info   (QA Specific) 
Jobby   (QA Specific)decent selection of job listings but costs money to send resume.
JobMaster   (QA Specific)Requires free (I think) membership to apply. Has good amount of listings. [Open All]
Jobs in Israel 
Muvtalsend resume via site.
Walla Jobsrequires paid membership for most details.


Nana JobsList of agencies
Adam Sharon   (QA Specific)hi-tech
CPS   (QA Specific)hi-tech. Site only works in IE.
Dan HRhi-tech
Dialog   (QA Specific) 
Duet HR 
ESR   (QA Specific) 
Giyus Isky   (QA Specific) 
Got Friends 
Hever ITR 
IPS   (QA Specific) 
KorenTec   (QA Specific) 
Nisha HR 
Optimum HR   (QA Specific) 
Ortal HR 
SeeV   (QA Specific)hi-tech
Star Technologies   (QA Specific) 
Tamar Jobs   (QA Specific) 
TripletecJobs listed are out-of-date. Jobs on are more up-to-date

Popular Companies software companies
Amdocs JobsRaanana
Amodat JobsRishon-based - mobile apps JobsJerusalem company, with many Anglos
Applied Materials Jobs 
BMC Jobs 
CheckPoint Jobs 
Comverse Jobs 
Google Jobs 
HP/Mercury Jobs 
IBM Jobs 
Intel Jobs 
Microsoft Jobs 
NDS JobsJerusalem company, with many Anglos
Ness Jobs 
Nice Jobs 

Outsourcing Companies

10 Levels 
Comda   (QA Specific) 
Gav SystemsListings on site are old. See for up-to-date listings.
Log On 
Malam Team   (QA Specific) 
NGSoft (formerly GiantSteps)Mobile Apps
PeroonMobile Apps
PicaroTons of job listings.
Yael Software Jobs   (QA Specific) 

QA Companies of QA companies of QA companies
Test Insight 
Test Pro 

Interviewing and Negotiating Salaries

JobMob - Answering 13 Common Interview Questions 
QA and Testing Interview Questions and AnswersQA Interview Questions and Answers with links to many more sites on interview questions.
Recruiting Software Testerslots of interesting info on QA Interviewing. Though it's written from hirer point-of-view, there's tons of relevant stuff for job searching. 42 pages!
Tech Interviews   (QA Specific) 
Job Interview Questions   (QA Specific) (QA Specific) 
50 Common Interview Q&A 
Job Mob - Salary SurveysIt's important for salary negotiation to know the going rate for what you do. Note: Tel Aviv area pays higher than Jerusalem so you might have to make adjustments.
The Noel Smith-Wenkle Salary Negotiation Method 
Evaluating Job Offers & Negotiating Salary 
How to negotiate a salary without tipping your hand 
Negotiating Your Salary: How to Make $1,000 a Minute 
Salary Negotiation and Job Offer Tools and Resources for Job-Seekers